AOS Thermal Compunds

Manufacturer of thermal management solutions, including thermal paste, heat sink compounds, and non silicone grease. Leading innovator of dry-to-touch thermal grease pads that offer low thermal resistance without the mess of thermal grease.

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Cable assembly, connectors, power cord, antenna, conductors, micro coaxial cable, flexible flat cables, flexible printed circuits, precision hardware/plastic parts and components, acoustic components and smart wearable devices, etc.



PCA Electronics

Power Magnetics, PoE Magnetics, Lan & Telecom, Delay Lines, DC-DC, Ethernet Filter, Pulse Width Modulator (12V Lamp Dimmer), Photo Flash Transformer.


C&M Corporation

Vertically integrated manufacturer custom cable assemblies (connector overmolding) in house mold tooling, injection molded plastics, extensive custom cable "bulk wire" manufacturing capabilities. Coil Cords.


An innovative interconnect solutions provider of premium machined, rugged, higher reliability connectors for military, industrial, medical and computer markets. Connectors & cable assemblies include IP67 Seal-D, Power-D/Combo-D, Micro-D, & Ruggedized Backshell Systems.

Steven Label

Overlays, Roll Labels, Hot Stamp, Serial Numbers, Tamper Evident, RFI/EMI Shielding, Barcode Labels and Systems, Data Processing Labels, Imprintable Materials, Nameplates, Membrane Switches, UL, CSA, TUV, VDE, Military Specifications


Everett Charles Technologies

A leader in the development of advanced test products since 1965, specializing in equipment and consumble items related to electronic testing of bare and assembled printed circuit boards and semiconductor devices.


Para Light Corp

LED Lamps, LED Seven Segement Displays, DOT Matrix Displays, LED Light Bar, LCD Back Light & SMD LED components. LED Light Strip, LED Light Bulb, LED Commercial Lighting, ISO14001 and TS16949 certified.



Manufacturer of RoHS Compliant AC & DC Cooling Fans and Blowers, Fan Trays, CPU Coolers, Integrated Fan Cooling Modules, Micro DC  Blowers, Chip Coolers, Liquid Circulation Cooling Solutions, Smart Fans.